Phyt's Supplement Targeting Cellulite

Phyt's Supplement Targeting Cellulite

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Reduces presentation of cellulite and supports overall slimming.

For 9 Végélules™ :
Organic Dried extract of Grape Marc* : 504 mg
Organic Black radish* : 441 mg
Organic Meadowsweet* : 270 mg
Organic Rosemary* : 270 mg
Organic Linden Tree* : 198 mg
Organic Blackcurrant* : 180 mg
Fucus : 99 mg
Organic Dandelion* : 90 mg
Organic Thyme* : 90 mg

3 Végélules™ morning, noon and night, with a large glass of water, at mealtimes. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of children’s reach. Food supplements are no substitute for a varied and balanced diet and to a healthy way of living. Not recommended for people suffering from allergies to salicylic acid derivatives or following anticoagulant treatment and pregnant women. People suffering from hypothyroidism or who have been prescribed a thyroid treatment should firstly consult a health professional.

Pack of 80