Phyt's Exfoliating Purifying Mask (40ml)

Phyt's Exfoliating Purifying Mask (40ml)

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A 2-in-1 cream with a non-drying formula which combines the benefits of a mask and the effectiveness of a scrub.

Its amber powder offers a gentle exfoliating action and unclogs pores. The three clays combined with the charcoal absorb impurities and oily secretions immediately, while the essential oils with their purifying properties cleanse the skin.

Reduces blemishes and restores the skin’s radiance. It is mattified, its texture is refined and the pores are tightened instantly. 

When combined with the 3-In-1 Evening Serum, the absorption and balancing effect are enhanced.

Amber powder



Yellow and Green Clay


Silica Lavandin and Tea Tree


Once or twice a week, apply evenly to the cleansed facial area, avoiding contact with the eye contour. Leave for 10 minutes. Then moisten with water and massage using small ascending circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.