Phyt's Cellulite Treatment (200g)

Phyt's Cellulite Treatment (200g)

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For women who want specific treatment on affected areas (hips, thighs, buttocks, belly), a treatment for lack of tone and firmness, as well as cellulite. A specific formulation combining lipid reducing and firming active ingredients has been carefully developed for visible results on orange peel effect and skin firmness, after 14 days.

A slimmer figure with restored original beauty, day after day.

A practical nozzle facilitates application and helps massaging to facilitate microcirculation, activate drainage and optimise penetration of anti cellulite active ingredients.

Green Coffee extract

Complex of natural active ingredients

Sunflower oil

Vitamin E of natural origin

Apply with ascending circular movements in the morning and evening using the lipomassage tip for three minutes on each zone until it has been completely absorbed, making sure to focus on stubborn areas