Durance Scented Candle 280g Gingerbread Christmas 2021

Durance Scented Candle 280g Gingerbread Christmas 2021

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Christmas 2021 Natural Wax Scented Candle Gingerbread by Durance

Make your home feel like Christmas!

The Gingerbread fragrance takes you back to childhood thanks to its traditional and deliciously gourmet scent.

Spice up your home with this festive and sweet home fragrance.

Explained by the Perfumer:
Embellished with delicious notes of cinnamon, candied fruit and caramel for a most gourmet atmosphere.

Durance Natural Wax Wooden Wick Scented Candles
Handmade and decorated in our workshops in Provence, our wooden wick candles are the result of a true and traditional expertise crafted with carefully chosen ingredients.

Enjoy the cozy crackle as the woodwick burns creating a wonderful atmosphere as well as beautifully fragrancing your home.

Burning Time : +/-50 hours