Durance Perfumed Candle 180g - Poppy

Durance Perfumed Candle 180g - Poppy

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The Durance scented candle :
Handmade and decorated in our workshops, this candle’s flowery and musky notes will perfume your home as well as creating a graceful and elegant atmosphere. The result of true expertise, the ingredients used to make this candle are carefully chosen to burn cleanly and perfume beautifully.

Poppy perfume :
The mistral, creating a deliciously light concentration of the poppy’s musky, flowery fragrance.

Explained by the nose :
The fleeting brilliance of the summer: light and airy, bright colours, musky scarlet and flowery silk petals.

Burning time : About 40h
Library : Lounge, Office
Season: Spring, Summer
Family : Floral
Ambiance: Graceful and Elegant