Achieving The Perfect At Home Tan with Fake Bake

If you are an all-year-round lover of a faux golden glow, then we’re here to let you know our top tips for achieving the perfect at-home bronze in these colder, sunless months using Fake Bake tan products!

There are three parts to every tanning process: prep, tan and prolong! Lets start at the beginning, the prep stage…

24 hours before applying your tan, you want to make sure you have exfoliated your skin. This is a key step to prepare the skin as this will remove any dead skin cells and create the perfect base for your tan application. The perfect product for this is Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes, these coconut oil infused exfoliating wipes are pre-moistened with a beneficial botanical blend, eliminating the need to shower before you apply your tan.

If you choose to remove your body hair, make sure that this is done 24 hours before your tan application. This is because self tanners are likely to sink into those loosened pores, creating dark spots and an uneven finish.

Avoiding perfumes and deodorants before applying your tanner as they can create a sticky layer on the skin’s surface and prevent the tan from adhering. However, we would advise to apply a moisturiser, especially focusing on very dry areas (such as elbows, ankles, wrists), as fake tan can often cling to these areas. We would recommend Fake Bake Mistifier Oil Free Moisturising Body Spray, this leaves the skin silky smooth and hydrated. This easy-to-apply, fast application product contains two anti oxidants – Green Tea and Vitamin E which protect the skin from free radicals.

It is important to find the right tan for you, and Fake Bake have a product for everyone! If you prefer a lighter finish of tan, we would recommend Fake Bake Tanning Water – this innovative creation is made to refresh and bronze your skin at the same time! It’s completely clear and contains skin-calming passionflower extract to help keep the skin healthy. The gentle formula also features that provide deep, long-lasting hydration to enhance the appearance of the skin.

If you wish to achieve a more medium-dark tan, we would recommend Fake Bake Flawless Darker Liquid Tan – this self-tan liquid gives you a deep, bronze tone that not only goes on evenly and smoothly but also leaves you with professional results. Prepare for a glow that will have everyone thinking you just got back from the tropics!

There are many other products to give you a golden glow, such as Fake Bake Coconut Tanning SerumFake Bake Flawless Liquid TanFake Bake Bronzing CompactFake Bake Original Tanning Lotion and many more!

Now you have the tan you have dreamed of, it would only be right to prolong it! A tip from us, we would recommend exfoliating gently every 2-3 days and moisturising daily to help ensure your tan lasts the desired length of time!

We would like to wish you the best in your at home tanning ritual, we hope you achieve that desired glow with Fake Bake products!

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